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Card Name
.AbushuAbushu Rare IDOL POPSTAR Fire
.AliceAlice SuperRare HAUNTED SPIRIT Water
.Alpaca-sanAlpaca-san Rare SUNLIGHT ZOO Light
.Anavel ScarletAnavel Scarlet MegaRare NEUTRAL HOPE Neutral
.Apron AngelApron Angel UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Darkness
.Aquatic AoAquatic Ao SuperRare LUNIME PARADE Water
.Archangel MeepArchangel Meep MegaRare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Light
.Avenger ReedAvenger Reed MegaRare NEON LUNATICS Fire
.Baking NaomiBaking Naomi UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Earth
.Baller KugariBaller Kugari SuperRare SCHOOL FESTIVAL Earth
.Beachball-chanBeachball-chan Rare OCEAN PARADISE Water
.Blaster EvyllnBlaster Evylln UltraRare CREATION OF GACHA Water
.Blooming TiffBlooming Tiff MegaRare NEON LUNATICS Earth
.Bowgirl HikariBowgirl Hikari Rare JAPAN CHRONICLE Light
.Bowmaster EllynBowmaster Ellyn UltraRare NEON LUNATICS Earth
.Butler JackButler Jack UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Water
.Candy CornCandy Corn RareSPOOKY HALLOWEEN Fire
.Candy WendyCandy Wendy UltraRareSPOOKY HALLOWEEN Darkness
.Captain JackoCaptain Jacko MegaRare OCEAN PARADISE Water
.Celestial AliceCelestial Alice UltraRare CREATION OF GACHA Light
.Celestial YaniCelestial Yani SuperRare WORLD ELEMENT Earth
.Cheery MeiCheery Mei UltraRare SCHOOL FESTIVAL Darkness
.Chef MeepChef Meep UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Light
.Chesire CatChesire Cat Rare HAUNTED SPIRIT Darkness
.ChickenChicken Rare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Light
.ChocolateChocolate Rare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Fire
.CindyCindy SuperRare CREATION OF GACHA Darkness
.Colonel RitchieColonel Ritchie UltraRare DEMONIC NIGHTMARE Darkness
.Creator LuniCreator Luni MegaRare FUTURE PUNK Water
.CrescendoCrescendo UltraRare FUTURE PUNK Water
.CrescentiaCrescentia UltraRare FUTURE PUNK Water
.Cupid ValentineCupid Valentine MegaRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Neutral
.CykopathCykopath UltraRare NEON LUNATICS Water
.Daiz IkarugaDaiz Ikaruga UltraRare LUNIME PARADE Darkness
.Darko-NekoDarko-Neko Rare SUNLIGHT ZOO Darkness
.Default HeroDefault Hero SuperRare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Light
.Demon HunterDemon Hunter UltraRare HAUNTED SPIRIT Darkness
.Devil AkkiDevil Akki SuperRare DEMONIC NIGHTMARE Fire
.Dimensional AmeliaDimensional Amelia MegaRare LUNIME PARADE Neutral
.DinoDino Rare NEUTRAL HOPE Neutral
.DJ CloverDJ Clover UltraRare VINYL FANTASY Earth
.DJ EveDJ Eve UltraRare VINYL FANTASY Light
.DJ LyteDJ Lyte UltraRare VINYL FANTASY Water
.DJ PhantomDJ Phantom UltraRare VINYL FANTASY Darkness
.Dolphin-sanDolphin-san SuperRare OCEAN PARADISE Water
.Dread BunnyDread Bunny Rare DEMONIC NIGHTMARE Darkness
.Dreameater MalloryDreameater Mallory UltraRare NEUTRAL HOPE Neutral
.Earth FairyEarth Fairy Rare WORLD ELEMENT Earth
.Earth SpiritEarth Spirit Rare WORLD ELEMENT Earth
.EfreetEfreet UltraRare WORLD ELEMENT Fire
.Elf BlueyElf Bluey Rare WINTER HOLIDAY Water
.Elf GreenyElf Greeny Rare WINTER HOLIDAY Earth
.Elf PinkyElf Pinky Rare WINTER HOLIDAY Darkness
.Elf ReddyElf Reddy Rare WINTER HOLIDAY Fire
.Elf YellowyElf Yellowy Rare WINTER HOLIDAY Light
.Emile RaysonEmile Rayson UltraRare NEUTRAL HOPE Neutral
.Fire FairyFire Fairy Rare WORLD ELEMENT Fire
.Floaty ImoutoFloaty Imouto Rare OCEAN PARADISE Fire
.Florepuella MarieFlorepuella Marie UltraRare CREATION OF GACHA Earth
.FrankensteinFrankenstein RareSPOOKY HALLOWEEN Earth
.FrostFrost SuperRare VINYL FANTASY Water
.Gacha-RoboGacha-Robo Rare FUTURE PUNK Water
.Gamer SwirlyGamer Swirly Rare SCHOOL FESTIVAL Water
.Ghostly BlanketGhostly Blanket RareSPOOKY HALLOWEEN Darkness
.GhostyGhosty Rare HAUNTED SPIRIT Darkness
.GoblinGoblin Rare DEMONIC NIGHTMARE Earth
.Grandmaster ClaireGrandmaster Claire MegaRare NEON LUNATICS Water
.Guardian CheshireGuardian Cheshire UltraRare LUNIME PARADE Fire
.Guardian PolarisGuardian Polaris UltraRare LUNIME PARADE Light
.GwenGwen SuperRare NEON LUNATICS Earth
.HaLPmEhHaLPmEh SuperRare HAUNTED SPIRIT Darkness
.HarpiaHarpia SuperRare SUNLIGHT ZOO Fire
.Heart RipperHeart Ripper UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Fire
.Hitman AlexHitman Alex SuperRare LUNIME PARADE Light
.Holy Knight SeyrenHoly Knight Seyren UltraRare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Light
.Idol KinenIdol Kinen MegaRare IDOL POPSTAR Fire
.Idol TinaIdol Tina Rare IDOL POPSTAR Light
.Immortal EmiliaImmortal Emilia UltraRare LUNIME PARADE Water
.InfernoInferno Rare VINYL FANTASY Fire
.Jaeselle IzareJaeselle Izare MegaRare NEUTRAL HOPE Neutral
.JesterJester SuperRare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Earth
.KappaKappa Rare JAPAN CHRONICLE Earth
.Keitoku SenpaiKeitoku Senpai Rare SCHOOL FESTIVAL Fire
.Kilios v2Kilios v2 Rare NEON LUNATICS Light
.Killer ReddoxKiller Reddox UltraRare NEON LUNATICS Fire
.Kimono SkieeKimono Skiee SuperRare JAPAN CHRONICLE Water
.KitsuneKitsune SuperRare JAPAN CHRONICLE Fire
.Kitsune MikoKitsune Miko UltraRare JAPAN CHRONICLE Fire
.Kitsune MitsukoKitsune Mitsuko MegaRare SUNLIGHT ZOO Light
.Koimi NisekonaKoimi Nisekona UltraRare LUNIME PARADE Earth
.Kokoro KukuKokoro Kuku SuperRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Fire
.Lolita LoliLolita Loli SuperRare HAUNTED SPIRIT Darkness
.Lovely KinenLovely Kinen UltraRare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Fire
.Lovely LunithLovely Lunith MegaRare CREATION OF GACHA Darkness
.Maid SanaMaid Sana SuperRare MEDIEVAL KINGDOM Light
.Mermaid ManaMermaid Mana UltraRare OCEAN PARADISE Water
.Messy AkkiMessy Akki Rare VALENTINE SWEETHEART Fire
.Mi-chanMi-chan SuperRare DEMONIC NIGHTMARE Water

Card Name