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Card Name
.00 Fire
.AbanAban Fire
.AbdullaAbdulla Water
.AbidalAbidal Tree
.Absolute KingAbsolute King Water
.Abyssal KaladAbyssal Kalad Darkness
.AdelAdel Water
.Agent Won SulAgent Won Sul Darkness
.AkitaAkita Tree
.Alchemist EnteeAlchemist Entee Water
.Alchemist TiaAlchemist Tia Fire
.AliceAlice Darkness
.Alluring SuccubusAlluring Succubus Fire
.Amagidot the RulerAmagidot the Ruler Darkness
.Amat the DefiantAmat the Defiant Darkness
.Amazon TaminaAmazon Tamina Fire
.Amazon TanaAmazon Tana Water
.Amazon TaraAmazon Tara Tree
.Amazon TikeyaAmazon Tikeya Darkness
.Amazon TurayaAmazon Turaya Light
.Amethyst CarbieAmethyst Carbie Darkness
.AngelaAngela Water
.Anton the KnightAnton the Knight Fire
.Anton the PageAnton the Page Fire
.Apple GrumingApple Gruming Tree
.Apple GumingApple Guming Tree
.Apple JellingApple Jelling Tree
.Apple PudringApple Pudring Tree
.Apprentice ShadiaApprentice Shadia Fire
.Apprentice ShakiraApprentice Shakira Darkness
.Apprentice ShariApprentice Shari Water
.Apprentice ShariaApprentice Sharia Light
.Apprentice SharimaApprentice Sharima Tree
.Aqua GolemAqua Golem Water
.Aqua GuardianAqua Guardian Water
.Aqua Mage MernyAqua Mage Merny Water
.Aqua MonkAqua Monk Water
.Aqua Oracle RanAqua Oracle Ran Water
.Aqua Shaman RanAqua Shaman Ran Water
.Aqua-Nin ShuraAqua-Nin Shura Water
.Aqua-Nin SuzuhaAqua-Nin Suzuha Water
.Aquablade ConnellyAquablade Connelly Water
.ArcanaArcana Light
.Arch AngelaArch Angela Water
.Arch DemonArch Demon Darkness
.Arch IcarusArch Icarus Tree
.Arch TwinkleArch Twinkle Light
.Archangel LuciferArchangel Lucifer Light
.Archer IdeArcher Ide Water
.Archer JenniaArcher Jennia Tree
.Archer KarinaArcher Karina Light
.Archer KayleArcher Kayle Tree
.Archer LagnaArcher Lagna Darkness
.Archer PhilipArcher Philip Fire
.ArinArin Water
.Armed IndraArmed Indra Light
.ArmesArmes Light
.ArmorlessArmorless Light
.ArnaArna Fire
.Autumn MomijiAutumn Momiji Fire
.Avenging RobinAvenging Robin Tree
.Awoken LepeAwoken Lepe Darkness
.Awoken NayAwoken Nay Light
.Awoken RamielAwoken Ramiel Darkness
.AyanAyan Darkness
.AzizAziz Light
.Baby BeirBaby Beir Darkness
.Baby VenoBaby Veno Tree
.BaekdoBaekdo Darkness
.Bandit ShangriBandit Shangri Light
.BartonBarton Fire
.BeelzebubBeelzebub Darkness
.BegaraBegara Darkness
.BeiraBeira Darkness
.BeowulfBeowulf Darkness
.Berserk SteamBerserk Steam Fire
.Bian QueBian Que Darkness
.Big Merchant RahimBig Merchant Rahim Fire
.Big Merchant RahimetBig Merchant Rahimet Water
.Big Merchant RahulBig Merchant Rahul Tree
.Big Merchant RakinBig Merchant Rakin Light
.Big Merchant RamezBig Merchant Ramez Darkness
.Birchbite TianBirchbite Tian Light
.Black Mage ZenoBlack Mage Zeno Darkness
.Black TigerBlack Tiger Fire
.Blazer LerinBlazer Lerin Fire
.Blazing AgehaBlazing Ageha Fire
.Blazing BrunarkBlazing Brunark Light
.Blazing Saint ScarletBlazing Saint Scarlet Fire
.Blessed PaladinBlessed Paladin Light
.Blizzard EmpressBlizzard Empress Water
.Bloody FenrilBloody Fenril Fire
.Bloody LadyBloody Lady Darkness
.Blue CarbuncleBlue Carbuncle Water
.Blue Gem CarbieBlue Gem Carbie Water
.Bodyguard IlwooBodyguard Ilwoo Light
.Bodyguard WolyoungBodyguard Wolyoung Darkness
.Brawny BeirgaBrawny Beirga Darkness
.Brillinat JurinBrillinat Jurin Light
.Broom Gang ArcarnaBroom Gang Arcarna Darkness

Card Name