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Card Name
!AdeptAdeptAdept ElvenRareElven Magus72060011
!Air ElementalAir ElementalAir Elemental SpiritHeroicElemental Adept450135018900
!Airborne ParasiteAirborne ParasiteAirborne Parasite SpiritRareThe Dark Beyond60048013480Heals itself by 480 points per round.
!AlchemistAlchemistAlchemist DwarvenHeroicDwarven Greybeard36002050171500
!Anvil GuardAnvil GuardAnvil Guard DwarvenRareDwarven Master60072013
!Arch AngelArch AngelArch Angel SpiritUncommonDespoiler2005009400
!Arch DemonArch DemonArch Demon SpiritRareDespoiler1080120015240
!ArcherArcherArcher ElvenOrdinaryElven Novice3002005
!ArgonautArgonautArgonaut DwarvenRareDwarven Master24060011480
!ArmorerArmorerArmorer DwarvenRareDwarven Master48072012240
!Arrow MasterArrow MasterArrow Master ElvenRareDragon Hunt10804801575Does 75% more damage in the first round.
!Assault DrummerAssault DrummerAssault Drummer OrcRareOrc War Leader96013720
!Astral NavigatorAstral NavigatorAstral Navigator ElvenLegendaryDying Dreams2000252400The first time she dies, she returns to life at ...
!Axe WhirlerAxe WhirlerAxe Whirler DwarvenUncommonDwarven Apprentice3003006
!Baby DragonBaby DragonBaby Dragon SpiritUncommonDragon Hunt3001008300Who would kill a abay dragon? It's cute... and if ...
!BasiliskBasiliskBasilisk SpiritUncommonDespoiler1005009
!Battering RamBattering RamBattering Ram DwarvenHeroicDwarven Rage1500105018300If it inflicts damage on a card that dies, it ...
!Battle BoarBattle BoarBattle Boar OrcRareOrc War Leader60084013480
!Blade MasterBlade MasterBlade Master ElvenUncommonElven Initiate2004008200
!Blood DragonBlood DragonBlood Dragon SpiritUltimateEaster1001Summoned from the blood of those who passed, he ...
!Blood FairyBlood FairyBlood Fairy ElvenUncommonDesert Twilight2005009800Increases the damage dealt by her neighbors by ...
!Blood SpitterBlood SpitterBlood Spitter OrcUncommonOrc Grunt5003006100
!Bloodsoaked TotemBloodsoaked TotemBloodsoaked Totem OrcLegendaryDread Empress2400260022400The attack value of each of your offensive cards ...
!Blunderbuss GunnerBlunderbuss GunnerBlunderbuss Gunner DwarvenOrdinaryDwarven Apprentice
!Bog YetiBog YetiBog Yeti OrcUncommonDread Empress50030010Has no special abilities, as far as you can tell.
!Bone BreakerBone BreakerBone Breaker OrcOrdinaryOrc Grunt2002004
!Bone CollectorBone CollectorBone Collector OrcUncommonOrc Overseer3005009100
!Bone OracleBone OracleBone Oracle OrcRareThe Dark Beyond70011His neighbours, if orcs, receive no damage in ...
!Brother ArtujanBrother ArtujanBrother Artujan ElvenLegendaryElven Archmage6002000211600
!Carnivorous ToadstoolCarnivorous ToadstoolCarnivorous Toadstool DwarvenHeroicDawn Of Eternity1500135020It attacks with diffuse spores that cannot be ...
!CatapultCatapultCatapult DwarvenUncommonDwarven Journeyman60050010
!Cave DragonCave DragonCave Dragon SpiritUncommonDragon Lord60040010
!Cave TrollCave TrollCave Troll OrcUncommonOrc Overseer40050010100
!CentaurCentaurCentaur ElvenRareElven Magus720108015
!ChimeraChimeraChimera SpiritLegendaryDragon Lord2000260023
!Club SwingerClub SwingerClub Swinger OrcUncommonOrc Overseer3003006
!ColossusColossusColossus SpiritLegendaryDivine Peace1800140022At the end of round two, it kills the opposing ...
!Crystal BreederCrystal BreederCrystal Breeder DwarvenRareDwarven Rage600720141440Increases the damage dealt by his neighbors by ...
!Crystal GhostCrystal GhostCrystal Ghost SpiritLegendaryEaster1001
!Crystal GolemCrystal GolemCrystal Golem DwarvenRareDawn Of Eternity72072015720If the card opposite dies, Crystal Golem does 720 ...
!DevourerDevourerDevourer OrcLegendaryOrc High Chief2000200021400
!DjinnDjinnDjinn ElvenHeroicDivine Peace7501500186The healing power of each of your cards increases ...
!DruidessDruidessDruidess ElvenUncommonElven Initiate3006400
!Dryad OracleDryad OracleDryad Oracle ElvenRareElven Magus72060014600
!Dwarf BerserkerDwarf BerserkerDwarf Berserker DwarvenRareDwarven Master72060011
!Dwarf JudgeDwarf JudgeDwarf Judge DwarvenHeroicDwarven Rage600150019At the end of round two, she kills the opposing ...
!Dwarf KingDwarf KingDwarf King DwarvenLegendaryDwarven Greybeard8002400241600
!Dwarf TinkerDwarf TinkerDwarf Tinker DwarvenUncommonDwarven Journeyman1004006
!Dwarven SageDwarven SageDwarven Sage DwarvenLegendaryThe Dark Beyond2400255000Raises your maximum health by 5000.
!Earth ElementalEarth ElementalEarth Elemental SpiritHeroicElemental Adept450180017
!Elf HenchmanElf HenchmanElf Henchman ElvenUncommonElven Initiate3004007
!Enormous LarvaEnormous LarvaEnormous Larva OrcHeroicDawn Of Eternity150120019The first time Enormous Larva dies, it returns to ...
!EnvoyEnvoyEnvoy ElvenCommonElven Novice1001002
!Equipment MasterEquipment MasterEquipment Master DwarvenRareDwarven Master36084012240
!FalconerFalconerFalconer ElvenOrdinaryElven Novice2002004
!Fire DragonFire DragonFire Dragon SpiritHeroicDragon Lord1350105016
!Fire ElementalFire ElementalFire Elemental SpiritHeroicElemental Adept1050120016600
!FlamelingFlamelingFlameling SpiritUncommonDivine Peace4002007If killed, he gets a bonus attack against the ...
!FlingerFlingerFlinger OrcOrdinaryOrc Grunt3002005
!Forest DragonForest DragonForest Dragon SpiritRareDragon Lord72072014
!Fungus LordFungus LordFungus Lord DwarvenRareThe Dark Beyond120014480Does 480 damage to the opposing player each ...
!GargoyleGargoyleGargoyle SpiritUncommonArtificer2002007
!GasherGasherGasher OrcUncommonDread Empress50040010Does 75% more damage in the second round.
!GiantGiantGiant SpiritHeroicArborearch900150016
!Giant EagleGiant EagleGiant Eagle ElvenRareElven Magus48084011
!Giant LizardGiant LizardGiant Lizard SpiritRareArborearch48096012
!Giant SpiderGiant SpiderGiant Spider SpiritLegendaryArborearch1800220021400
!GladiatorGladiatorGladiator SpiritRareDawn Of Eternity480108015If Gladiator is healed, its attack power for the ...
!Goblin CookGoblin CookGoblin Cook OrcRareDread Empress960152550Increases your health by 2500, but poisons you in ...
!Goblin MobGoblin MobGoblin Mob OrcUncommonDesert Twilight3001006Does triple damage in the first round.
!Goblin PatriarchGoblin PatriarchGoblin Patriarch OrcLegendaryDread Empress1600180023The cards opposite his neighbours do no damage in ...
!GremlinGremlinGremlin SpiritCommonArborearch4001
!GriffinGriffinGriffin SpiritLegendaryArborearch1600280024400
!GrimnackGrimnackGrimnack OrcLegendaryDragon Hunt2000200023The card opposite does no damage in the first ...
!Guardian of the ThroneGuardian of the ThroneGuardian of the Throne DwarvenHeroicDwarven Greybeard900180018
!Guardian of TimeGuardian of TimeGuardian of Time DwarvenLegendaryDesert Twilight240023600Raises the attack power of each of your other ...
!GunnerGunnerGunner DwarvenRareDwarven Master108072015
!Guruk the DestroyerGuruk the DestroyerGuruk the Destroyer OrcRareOrc War Leader600108015120
!Hammer SwingerHammer SwingerHammer Swinger DwarvenUncommonDwarven Journeyman2005007
!HarpyHarpyHarpy ElvenRareDivine Peace72072014Receives no damage in even-numbered rounds.
!Herb CollectorHerb CollectorHerb Collector ElvenRareDying Dreams60015491Heals each of your other elves by 491 health ...
!HomunculusHomunculusHomunculus SpiritUncommonArtificer1005008200
!HunterHunterHunter ElvenUncommonElven Novice3003006
!Hurricane DancerHurricane DancerHurricane Dancer ElvenHeroicDying Dreams165090020None of cards adjacent to Hurricane Dancer can ...
!Ice DragonIce DragonIce Dragon SpiritHeroicDragon Lord1800105019
!Imperial DragonImperial DragonImperial Dragon SpiritLegendaryDragon Lord3000200025
!IncubusIncubusIncubus SpiritRareDawn Of Eternity96084015480Does 480 damage to you and your opponent in each ...
!Iron BreakerIron BreakerIron Breaker DwarvenOrdinaryDwarven Apprentice1003004
!Iron GolemIron GolemIron Golem SpiritUncommonArtificer9006
!Isegrimm StormgazeIsegrimm StormgazeIsegrimm Stormgaze DwarvenRareDwarven Master36096014360
!Isilija MoonshineIsilija MoonshineIsilija Moonshine ElvenUncommonElven Initiate3004009200
!KeeperKeeperKeeper ElvenOrdinaryElven Novice2003200
!Keeper of the TreasureKeeper of the TreasureKeeper of the Treasure DwarvenLegendaryDwarven Greybeard1400280021
!Korim StoneskullKorim StoneskullKorim Stoneskull DwarvenOrdinaryDwarven Apprentice4005200
!Lance StabberLance StabberLance Stabber DwarvenOrdinaryDwarven Apprentice2003005
!Lava ToadLava ToadLava Toad DwarvenUncommonDivine Peace5007300If he receives damage, the opposing player takes ...
!LeviathanLeviathanLeviathan SpiritLegendaryDivine Peace2000260025If Leviathan is healed, its attack power for the ...
!Lich KingLich KingLich King SpiritHeroicEaster1
!Lightning SpiritLightning SpiritLightning Spirit ElvenLegendaryDawn Of Eternity140023700Every round, it does 700 unreflectable damage to ...
!LindwormLindwormLindworm SpiritHeroicDragon Lord1200135017

Card Name