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Card Name
Leader Skill
Max Atk
Max Def
!1st Birthday1st Birthday76363474811111
!A Deadly CombinationA Deadly Combination89965703817003
!A Walk in the ParkA Walk in the Park78363344011803
!Abadonus MagnusAbadonus Magnus77575347411049
!Abbyssonyteuthis (Evo I)Abbyssonyteuthis (Evo I)7
!Abbyssonyteuthis (Evo II)Abbyssonyteuthis (Evo II)78970351712487
!Abducted AshylnAbducted Ashyln5280425205324
!Abominable CreationAbominable Creation76194611912313
!Abominable Creation (Evo I)Abominable Creation (Evo I)76503642412927
!Abominable Creation (Evo II)Abominable Creation (Evo II)76813673013543
!Abominable GolemAbominable Golem75198558710785
!Abusive AscotAbusive Ascot75543520710750
!Abusive Ascot (Evo I)Abusive Ascot (Evo I)75820546711287
!Abusive Ascot (Evo II)Abusive Ascot (Evo II)76097572711824
!Achilles (Evo I)Achilles (Evo I)76661463711298
!Achilles (Evo II)Achilles (Evo II)76978485811836
!Adamantine DragonAdamantine Dragon88929584214771
!Adamantine Dragon (Evo I)Adamantine Dragon (Evo I)89554625015804
!Adamantine Dragon (Evo II)Adamantine Dragon (Evo II)810179665916838
!Admiral NelsonAdmiral Nelson73467779611263
!Adrei (Evo I)Adrei (Evo I)8
!Adrei (Evo II)Adrei (Evo II)813947406418011
!Adult Adalphine DragonAdult Adalphine Dragon79343406213405
!Aendran (Evo I)Aendran (Evo I)79544253912083
!Aendran (Evo II)Aendran (Evo II)79999266012659
!Aeterna (Evo I)Aeterna (Evo I)75411541110822
!Aeterna (Evo II)Aeterna (Evo II)75669566911338
!Agamemnon (Evo I)Agamemnon (Evo I)810747573016477
!Agamemnon (Evo II)Agamemnon (Evo II)811450610517555
!Agravain (Evo I)Agravain (Evo I)6481248659677
!Aigubete (Evo I)Aigubete (Evo I)6323664169652
!Aileen (Evo I)Aileen (Evo I)73617764911266
!Aileen (Evo II)Aileen (Evo II)73789801311802
!Ajax (Evo I)Ajax (Evo I)6317766349811
!Akasha (Evo I)Akasha (Evo I)76023626312286
!Akasha (Evo II)Akasha (Evo II)76310656112871
!Alabaster DragonAlabaster Dragon810854748218336
!Alan-a-Dale (Evo I)Alan-a-Dale (Evo I)6271772289945
!Alatir (Evo I)Alatir (Evo I)7
!Alatir (Evo II)Alatir (Evo II)7
!Alatir (Reverge Evo I, 8*)Alatir (Reverge Evo I, 8*)7
!Alatir (Reverge Evo II, 8*)Alatir (Reverge Evo II, 8*)7
!Alatir (Reverge II Evo I, 9*)Alatir (Reverge II Evo I, 9*)7
!Alatir (Reverge II Evo II, 9*)Alatir (Reverge II Evo II, 9*)7
!Alatir (Reverge II, 9*)Alatir (Reverge II, 9*)7
!Alatir (Reverge, 8*)Alatir (Reverge, 8*)710000570415704
!Alcatraz Warden DrumgooleAlcatraz Warden Drumgoole73277793411211
!Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great77781303010811
!Alexander the Great (Evo I)Alexander the Great (Evo I)78170318111351
!Alexander the Great (Evo II)Alexander the Great (Evo II)78559333311892
!Alexi of the LighthouseAlexi of the Lighthouse78991364412635
!Alexi of the Lighthouse (Evo I)Alexi of the Lighthouse (Evo I)79440382613266
!Alexi of the Lighthouse (Evo II)Alexi of the Lighthouse (Evo II)79890400813898
!Ali BabaAli Baba6424950769325
!Alias RoseAlias Rose73581788511466
!Aliouz (Evo I)Aliouz (Evo I)74208963013838
!Aliouz (Evo II)Aliouz (Evo II)744081008914497
!Aliphanian DragonAliphanian Dragon7
!Aliphanian Dragon (Evo I)Aliphanian Dragon (Evo I)75302782213124
!Alluxia (Evo I)Alluxia (Evo I)73370781211182
!Alluxia (Evo II)Alluxia (Evo II)73531818411715
!Alma MuskarAlma Muskar6293564469381
!Alvah (Evo I)Alvah (Evo I)860211208618107
!Alvah (Evo II)Alvah (Evo II)864171287819295
!Amalia (Evo I)Amalia (Evo I)73723879912522
!Amalia (Evo II)Amalia (Evo II)73900921813118
!Amarth DragonAmarth Dragon6327458269100
!Amatheia (Evo I)Amatheia (Evo I)7
!Amatheia (Evo II)Amatheia (Evo II)710327414114468

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