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Card Name
Base Battle Power
Base HP
Base ATK
Base DEF
Action Power
.Acid SalamanderAcid Salamander Monster A Tactician47322162164Slow
!Alluring Valentines ElfAlluring Valentines Elf Elf SS All-around54486195197Normal
.Angry Rudolph OgreAngry Rudolph Ogre Monster SS All-around54486195197Normal
.AnidAnid Teuton SSS All-around58577252252Normal
.AovecAovec Teuton A Tactician47339167161Slow
.AquadoxAquadox Monster SS Tactician55518232234Slow
.Arboreal SpiritArboreal Spirit Teuton C All-around39175100100Normal
.ArielAriel Elf A Supporter46282162132Slow
.BannerhoodBannerhood Human SSS All-around58618235238Normal
.Battle GolemBattle Golem Teuton S Tanker50372129273Normal
.BeatriceBeatrice Devil SSS Tactician58659280282Slow
.BellistraBellistra Devil SSS Tactician58659280282Slow
.BerserkerBerserker Human B Attacker4220088104Fast
!BlaskBlask Teuton SSS Tactician58659280282Slow
.Blessed SirenBlessed Siren Elf S Supporter49357194158Slow
.Blood-drinking BladeBlood-drinking Blade Teuton C Attacker381647885Fast
.BoundlessBoundless Human S Attacker49346122135Fast
.BrisildaBrisilda Teuton SSS Tactician59730287267Slow
.Broken Tear KnightBroken Tear Knight Human SS Attacker53449166166Fast
.BrunnardBrunnard Human S Tanker50372129273Normal
!BrynhildBrynhild Devil SSS+ Attacker61663220259Fast
.BuldrakeBuldrake Dragon SSS Attacker57524183215Fast
.CarnifernsCarniferns Monster S All-around50357175175Normal
.CentaurusCentaurus Elf S Attacker49324127149Fast
.ChavanaChavana Monster SSS+ Tanker62774229408Normal
.Consort of ShivaConsort of Shiva Devil SSS All-around58577252252Normal
.CorneliaCornelia Teuton B Supporter42220135110Slow
.Crimson CuranderaCrimson Curandera Human SS Tactician55518232234Slow
.Crimson SlimeCrimson Slime Monster B Tactician43265139134Slow
.CuranderaCurandera Human B Tactician43254133127Slow
.DaioniDaioni Monster B All-around42222116124Normal
.DanteDante Devil SSS+ Attacker61663220259Fast
.Dark ReaperDark Reaper Teuton A Tactician47322162164Slow
.DeatheaterDeatheater Devil S Tactician51430199192Slow
!DemitriDemitri Teuton SSS+ Attacker61700232253Fast
.DemonicaDemonica Devil SSS Tactician59695280272Slow
.DendroDendro Elf SS All-around54486195197Normal
.Diabala DrahiraDiabala Drahira Teuton S Tactician51430194189Slow
.Dor DraconDor Dracon Human S Tactician51452199185Slow
.DraekinDraekin Dragon SS Attacker53439146162Fast
.Drakkan, the LeaderDrakkan, the Leader Human S Tactician51430199192Slow
.DramadamDramadam Human SSS Attacker57571200200Fast
.DreadmageDreadmage Teuton S Tactician51430199192Slow
.Dreadwall DefenderDreadwall Defender Teuton SSS Attacker57559176195Fast
.Dungeon WerewolfDungeon Werewolf Monster SS All-around54458199214Normal
.DuskytoDuskyto Monster C All-around39171102102Normal
.Dwarven WarriorDwarven Warrior Elf SS Tanker54453175292Normal
.El TorneoEl Torneo Angel SSS All-around58583257253Normal
.EloiseEloise Human SS Supporter53458238181Slow
.Elven ArcherElven Archer Elf B Attacker49324127149Fast
.Elven MarksmanElven Marksman Elf S Attacker4220088104Fast
.EmeldaEmelda Teuton SS Tactician55574238222Slow
.Emerald CuranderaEmerald Curandera Human SS Tactician55546238230Slow
.ErinErin Elf B Supporter42225133108Slow
.Estel, the Death WitchEstel, the Death Witch Human SSS Tactician59695287277Slow
.Eye of CalciferEye of Calcifer Monster SSS Tactician58665275262Slow
.Fallen King GoraFallen King Gora Teuton A Tactician47339167161Slow
.Fallen Royal GuardFallen Royal Guard Teuton A Tactician46325159152Slow
.Fire MageFire Mage Human C Attacker381647885Fast
.FleshmongerFleshmonger Teuton SSS Tanker58577200379Normal
.FlitterfishFlitterfish Monster B Tactician44279139129Slow
.FlutterbyFlutterby Elf S Tactician51430194189Slow
.FluttermaidenFluttermaiden Elf SS Tactician55546232226Slow
.Forest SpiritForest Spirit Elf SS Supporter53463228185Slow
.Gheslon BlacksmithGheslon Blacksmith Human A All-around46285139149Normal
.Gheslon KnightGheslon Knight Human B Tanker42220101170Normal
.Gheslon WitchGheslon Witch Human SS Supporter54463222193Normal
.GhostGhost Teuton B Tactician43265135132Slow
.Ghost ClusterGhost Cluster Teuton SS Tactician55546238230Slow
.Giant RatGiant Rat Monster C Attacker381557487Fast
.Giant SpiderGiant Spider Monster C All-around39171102102Normal
.GoraGora Teuton S All-around50361178168Normal
.GrengarGrengar Elf SSS Attacker57571200200Fast
.HarmonyHarmony Human SS Supporter53453232189Slow
.HarpionHarpion Elf B Supporter42225133108Slow
.Harpion MajorHarpion Major Elf SS Tactician55546232226Slow
.HarpulaHarpula Monster SS Tactician55518232234Slow
.HeathcilisHeathcilis Dragon SSS+ Tactician63834336339Slow
!HelenaHelena Human SSS Supporter57589275223Slow
.HellhoundHellhound Teuton B All-around42222116124
.HellpantherHellpanther Monster SSS Tanker58600186394Normal
.High ProthonotaryHigh Prothonotary Elf SS Tactician55546232226Slow
.High WyldkinHigh Wyldkin Elf SS All-around54463206206Normal
!HillenHillen Elf SSS Tactician59730287267Slow
.Holy Elven ArcherHoly Elven Archer Elf SS Attacker53435160175Fast
.Horissian WarlordHorissian Warlord Human B All-around42222116124Normal
.Horned OgreHorned Ogre Monster SSS Attacker57559176195Fast
.HunterHunter Human S Attacker50354139139Fast
.Hypno SirenHypno Siren Elf SS Tactician55546232226Slow
.Ice MageIce Mage Human A Attacker46270112122Fast
.IgniaIgnia Human SSS Tactician58659280282Slow
.IgnisIgnis Human SSS Tactician58659280282Slow
.Imp LancerImp Lancer Devil B Attacker4221193101Fast
.InfernaInferna Devil SSS All-around58583240257Normal
!IoniaIonia Elf SSS+ Supporter61737345262Slow
.Jack SpencerJack Spencer Human SSS Tactician59730287267Slow
.Jerome OrlandoJerome Orlando Human SSS+ All-around62782283286Normal
.KargaxKargax Human SSS All-around58583257243Normal
.KazamirKazamir Human SSS Tactician58665275262Slow
.KazmaiorKazmaior Human S Attacker49343134146Fast

Card Name




Base Battle Power

Base HP

Base ATK

Base DEF

Action Power