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Card Name
max ATK
max HP
.AbaddonAbaddonAbaddon 4 Phantasma Ranged2500166575005000
.AdramelechAdramelechAdramelech 5 Phantasma Ranged35002665105008000
.AegisAegisAegis 5 Anima Melee2330270070008100
.AgaliareptAgaliareptAgaliarept 4 Phantasma Ranged2665195080005850
!Aka "Red" Chochin [Christmas II]Aka "Red" Chochin [Christmas II]Aka "Red" Chochin [Christmas II] 4 Anima Healer67006850
!Aka "Red" Chochin [HW2]Aka "Red" Chochin [HW2]Aka "Red" Chochin [HW2] 4 AnimaAssist75007000
!Aka ManahAka ManahAka Manah 4 Phantasma Melee2000226560006800
.Aka Red ChochinAka Red ChochinAka Red Chochin 2 Anima Healer11301100
.Akome OgiAkome OgiAkome Ogi 3 Anima Ranged1665136550004100
!Amano-IwatoAmano-IwatoAmano-Iwato 5 Anima Ranged2430107007300
.AmanogawaAmanogawaAmanogawa 4 Phantasma Ranged3165216595006500
!AmanojakuAmanojakuAmanojaku 4 Phantasma Ranged3000186590005600
.Amanojaku [Valentine's Day]Amanojaku [Valentine's Day]Amanojaku [Valentine's Day] 5 Phantasma Ranged40652900122008700
!AmaymonAmaymonAmaymon 4 Phantasma Ranged273082005350
!AmbergrisAmbergrisAmbergris 5 Anima Healer
.AmbrosiaAmbrosiaAmbrosia 3 Anima Healer1500150045004500
!Ame-no-HabakiriAme-no-HabakiriAme-no-Habakiri 4 Anima Melee210055006300
.Ame-no-UzumeAme-no-UzumeAme-no-Uzume 4 Divina Ranged2500166575005000
!Amitabha TathagataAmitabha TathagataAmitabha Tathagata 4 Anima Ranged70005520
!AmorAmorAmor 5 Divina Ranged4065122008900
!AMR RemAMR RemAMR Rem 4 Anima Ranged233070005500
!Angra MainyuAngra MainyuAngra Mainyu 5 Divina Ranged36002530108007600
.AntikytheraAntikytheraAntikythera 5 Anima Ranged33302600100007800
!Ao GuangAo GuangAo Guang 4 Divina Melee226558006800
!Apollo's HarpApollo's HarpApollo's Harp 4 Anima Ranged266580005710
.ArondightArondightArondight 4 Anima Melee1800213054006400
!Arondight [Sports Meet]Arondight [Sports Meet]Arondight [Sports Meet] 4 Anima Melee56006500
!Arsene LupinArsene LupinArsene Lupin 4 Divina Ranged2500173075005200
!Arsene Lupin [True Form]Arsene Lupin [True Form]Arsene Lupin [True Form] 5 Divina Ranged
!Arthur PendragonArthur PendragonArthur Pendragon 5 Divina Melee
.AsclepiusAsclepiusAsclepius 5 Divina Healer2830286585008600
.AsmodeusAsmodeusAsmodeus 5 Phantasma Melee2765326583009800
!AstarothAstarothAstaroth 5 Phantasma Melee2365293071008800
!AstraeaAstraeaAstraea 4 Divina Melee63006800
!AsuraAsuraAsura 5 Divina Melee2515325075509750
!Atago TaraboAtago TaraboAtago Tarabo 5 Phantasma Melee890010000
!AthenaAthenaAthena 5 Divina Healer30003330900010000
.Aurum ElfAurum ElfAurum Elf 5 Divina Ranged36302565109007700
!AvnasAvnasAvnas 4 Phantasma Ranged266580005700
!Aya WakaAya WakaAya Waka 3 Divina Ranged1800130054003900
.Azi DahakaAzi DahakaAzi Dahaka 5 Phantasma Ranged38302530115007600
!AzuchiAzuchiAzuchi 5 Anima Ranged36652665110008000
.AzukiaraiAzukiaraiAzukiarai 3 Phantasma Ranged1420142042604260
.Azure SwordAzure SwordAzure Sword 3 Anima Melee1200151036004530
.BackscratcherBackscratcherBackscratcher 3 Anima Melee1200153036004600
!Ball LightningBall LightningBall Lightning 4 Phantasma Ranged2830210085006300
!BalmungBalmungBalmung 5 Anima Melee2665303080009100
!BalorBalorBalor 4 Phantasma Ranged2665193080005800
!BarbatosBarbatosBarbatos 4 Phantasma Ranged2330170070005100
!Barometz TartaricaBarometz TartaricaBarometz Tartarica 4 Phantasma Healer2130213064006400
.BasiliskBasiliskBasilisk 4 Phantasma Melee1665220050006600
.BastetBastetBastet 4 Divina Ranged2665185080005550
.BeelzebubBeelzebubBeelzebub 5 Anima Ranged36652665110008000
.Beelzebub [Halloween]Beelzebub [Halloween]Beelzebub [Halloween] 5 Phantasma Ranged36002665108008000
!BeethovenBeethovenBeethoven 5 Divina Ranged33302600100007800
!Behemoth [HW2]Behemoth [HW2]Behemoth [HW2] 3 Phantasma Ranged19651600
!BelialBelialBelial 5 Phantasma Ranged
!Belle BonshoBelle BonshoBelle Bonsho 5 Anima Melee2530303076009100
.BelphegorBelphegorBelphegor 5 Phantasma Ranged36652380110007150
!Belphegor [Party]Belphegor [Party]Belphegor [Party] 5 Phantasma Ranged39003030117009100
!BeowulfBeowulfBeowulf 3 Divina Melee1230156537004700
!Bismuth CrystalBismuth CrystalBismuth Crystal 4 Anima Melee1665206550006200
!Bolta CottonBolta CottonBolta Cotton 4 Anima Ranged266580005750
.Breaking WheelBreaking WheelBreaking Wheel 5 Anima Melee2500300075009000
.BrinicleBrinicleBrinicle 4 Phantasma Ranged2200175066005250
!BrutusBrutusBrutus 3 Divina Melee1365166541005000
!BrynhildrBrynhildrBrynhildr 4 Divina Melee1830206555006200
!Brynhildr [True Form]Brynhildr [True Form]Brynhildr [True Form] 5 Divina Melee990011000
.Butterfly KnifeButterfly KnifeButterfly Knife 1 Anima Ranged930780
!CaduceusCaduceusCaduceus 4 Anima Healer63006200
!CamaelCamaelCamael 4 Divina Melee1730240052007200
.Camellia The NinjaCamellia The NinjaCamellia The Ninja 3 Divina Ranged1330153040004600
!CangjieCangjieCangjie 4 Divina Ranged2400166572005000
!Cao CaoCao CaoCao Cao 4 Phantasma Melee52006500
.Cap'n BartholomewCap'n BartholomewCap'n Bartholomew 4 Divina Ranged2330176570005300
!CarbuncleCarbuncleCarbuncle 5 Phantasma Ranged126009200
.CatoblepasCatoblepasCatoblepas 3 Phantasma Ranged1630126549003800
.CerberusCerberusCerberus 4 Phantasma Melee1665216550006500
.ChainsawChainsawChainsaw 3 Anima Melee1200138036004150
!Chainsaw [Halloween]Chainsaw [Halloween]Chainsaw [Halloween] 4 Anima Melee65007500
.Charles in BootsCharles in BootsCharles in Boots 4 Divina Melee1865200056006000
.CharybdisCharybdisCharybdis 4 Phantasma Melee2000230060006900
!Cherry Blossom FrontCherry Blossom FrontCherry Blossom Front 5 Phantasma Healer3000280090008400
.Chessa DowryChessa DowryChessa Dowry 3 Anima Ranged1300156539004700
.ChidoriChidoriChidori 3 Anima Melee1300143039004300
.ChimeraChimeraChimera 4 Phantasma Ranged2330182070005460
.Chocolat BlancChocolat BlancChocolat Blanc 4 Anima Healer2230220067006600
.Chocolat NoirChocolat NoirChocolat Noir 3 Anima Ranged1700146551004400
.Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas Tree 4 Divina Ranged2330180070005400
!Chrysanthia WhiteChrysanthia WhiteChrysanthia White 4 Anima Healer65006600
!CinderellaCinderellaCinderella 5 Divina Healer
!CintamaniCintamaniCintamani 5 Anima Ranged38302900
.CleaverCleaverCleaver 3 Anima Melee1400143042004290
!Commander YashichiCommander YashichiCommander Yashichi 4 Divina Ranged2000225060006750
.Commodore PerryCommodore PerryCommodore Perry 3 Divina Ranged1570123047103690
!Commodore Perry [Demonic]Commodore Perry [Demonic]Commodore Perry [Demonic] 5 Divina Melee2400300072009000
!Cosimo de' MediciCosimo de' MediciCosimo de' Medici 4 Divina Ranged
.CupidCupidCupid 4 Divina Melee180054006150
!CyclopsCyclopsCyclops 5 Phantasma Melee2930303088009100
!DaedalusDaedalusDaedalus 4 Divina Melee183055006350

Card Name






max ATK

max HP