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Card Name
.AbaddonAbaddonAbaddon Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2933004250
.AegaeonAegaeonAegaeon Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare2944003330
.AelianaAelianaAeliana Water 5Ultra Rare
.AeolusAeolusAeolus Wind 3Rare
.AgnesAgnesAgnes Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2946003290
.AgniAgniAgni Fire 5Ultra Rare
.AhhotepAhhotepAhhotep Earth 5Ultra Rare
.Air BunnyAir BunnyAir Bunny Wind 3Rare
.AlazAlazAlaz Fire 4Highly Rare
.AlfhildrAlfhildrAlfhildr Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2944002900
.AlucardAlucardAlucard Earth 5Ultra Rare
.AmanirenasAmanirenasAmanirenas Earth 5Ultra Rare
.AmazonAmazonAmazon Fire 7Legend of Myth3448003700
.AmphitriteAmphitriteAmphitrite Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare2841003100
.AmunAmunAmun Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare3043703300
.AnaposAnaposAnapos Water 5Ultra Rare
.AnatAnatAnat Water 4Highly Rare
.Angel Of DeathAngel Of DeathAngel Of Death Earth 7Legend of Myth3437004800
.Angel of JusticeAngel of JusticeAngel of Justice Wind 4Highly Rare
.Angel SwordAngel SwordAngel Sword Wind 5Ultra Rare
.AngelsAngelsAngels Wind 1Regular
.AngeronaAngeronaAngerona Water 4Highly Rare
.Anti HeroAnti HeroAnti Hero Earth 5Ultra Rare
.AparctiasAparctiasAparctias Wind 1Regular
.AphroditeAphroditeAphrodite Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare3045003300
.ApollyonApollyonApollyon Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2933304400
.Archangel QueenArchangel QueenArchangel Queen Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2841003100
.ArchbishopArchbishopArchbishop Earth 5Ultra Rare
.ArchdemonArchdemonArchdemon Wind 5Ultra Rare
.ArcherArcherArcher Fire 5Ultra Rare
.AresAresAres Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare3043703300
.AriaAriaAria Water 3Rare
.AristodemusAristodemusAristodemus Water 5Ultra Rare
.ArtemisArtemisArtemis Water 7Legend of Myth3448003700
.ArziaArziaArzia Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2933304280
.AssassinAssassinAssassin Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2932904600
.AsukaAsukaAsuka Wind 5Ultra Rare
.AthenaAthenaAthena Wind 7Legend of Myth3448003700
.AuraAuraAura Wind 4Highly Rare
.Ax ManAx ManAx Man Water 3Rare
.AzrielAzrielAzriel Fire 4Highly Rare
.Baby DragonBaby DragonBaby Dragon Earth 4Highly Rare
.BalrogBalrogBalrog Fire 5Ultra Rare
.BarbarianBarbarianBarbarian Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2932004200
.Barbarian ElfBarbarian ElfBarbarian Elf Earth 3Rare
.Battle MechBattle MechBattle Mech Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2942503300
.Beast MasterBeast MasterBeast Master Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare2932904600
.BelenusBelenusBelenus Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2942503300
.BelisamaBelisamaBelisama Fire 3Rare
.BellaBellaBella Water 7Legend of Myth3448503000
.BhimaBhimaBhima Wind 1Regular
.Blue NinjaBlue NinjaBlue Ninja Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare2929004400
.BlurBlurBlur Water 3Rare
.BrighidBrighidBrighid Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare3043703300
.BrizoBrizoBrizo Water 1Regular
.BrynhildrBrynhildrBrynhildr Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2946003290
.CalypsoCalypsoCalypso Water 4Highly Rare
.CarrieCarrieCarrie Fire 1Regular
.CassandraCassandraCassandra Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2945003300
.Cave GoblinCave GoblinCave Goblin Earth 4Highly Rare
.CendrillionCendrillionCendrillion Fire 3Rare
.Centaur WarriorCentaur WarriorCentaur Warrior Earth 7Legend of Myth3430004850
.CetoCetoCeto Water 6Ultra Ultra Rare2933304400
.CherufeCherufeCherufe Fire 5Ultra Rare
.Chief InvaderChief InvaderChief InvaderNone 5Ultra Rare
.ChiharuChiharuChiharu Wind 4Highly Rare
.CholCholChol Fire 5Ultra Rare
.Close EncounterClose EncounterClose Encounter Earth 3Rare
.Colossus MasterColossus MasterColossus Master Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2944002900
.ConanConanConan Earth 4Highly Rare
.CoventinaCoventinaCoventina Water 4Highly Rare
.Creature of the DeepCreature of the DeepCreature of the Deep Water 3Rare
.CronusCronusCronus Fire 5Ultra Rare
.CthulhuCthulhuCthulhu Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2944003330
.CyborgCyborgCyborg Earth 5Ultra Rare
.DanaeDanaeDanae Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2942803330
.DanielDanielDaniel Wind 4Highly Rare
.Dark CityDark CityDark City Fire 5Ultra Rare
.Dark Dread LordDark Dread LordDark Dread Lord Fire 5Ultra Rare
.Dark ElfDark ElfDark Elf Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2841003100
.Dark OathDark OathDark Oath Wind 7Legend of Myth3437004800
.Dark RiderDark RiderDark Rider Water 4Highly Rare
.Dark SpiritDark SpiritDark Spirit Wind 4Highly Rare
.DeathDeathDeath Fire 5Ultra Rare
.Death ColossusDeath ColossusDeath Colossus Wind 5Ultra Rare
.DeathbringerDeathbringerDeathbringer Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2841503150
.Deep Sea NamiDeep Sea NamiDeep Sea Nami Water 1Regular
.DemonDemonDemon Fire 6Ultra Ultra Rare2942803330
.Demon Sea LizardDemon Sea LizardDemon Sea Lizard Water 1Regular
.Destiny WarriorDestiny WarriorDestiny Warrior Water 4Highly Rare
.DestroyerDestroyerDestroyer Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2942803330
.Diyu ChiefDiyu ChiefDiyu Chief Fire 5Ultra Rare
.DorisDorisDoris Water 3Rare
.Double CrossedDouble CrossedDouble Crossed Earth 3Rare
.Double Ice DragonDouble Ice DragonDouble Ice Dragon Water 5Ultra Rare
.DracoDracoDraco Wind 3Rare
.Dragon QueenDragon QueenDragon Queen Water 7Legend of Myth4054824000
.Dragon RiderDragon RiderDragon Rider Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2932204300
.Dragon SlayerDragon SlayerDragon Slayer Earth 6Ultra Ultra Rare2841503150
.DrakainaDrakainaDrakaina Wind 6Ultra Ultra Rare2933304400

Card Name